As of yesterday - forms are up. They hadn't begun pouring yet... perhaps it was the pouring rain that's been holding every body up for the last few weeks... Hopefully they started that today. I can't wait to check it out.

With the forms up, we could finally judge the height of the walls. And they are perfect. The house is going to sit at least 2 feet higher than it did previously, and we'll have enough room for, well, anything downstairs! It's so exciting. It's almost a basement. They only thing I'm concerned about is the windows... they don't seem to have blocked out for those yet.

But they told me the windows would be where the beams were, so that adds up to a lot of windows, which is fabulous in my opinion. Of course, they haven't told me where and when to buy the windows and in what dimensions... so, I have to worry about it and the pricetag attached. I doubt that they'll buy the windows. Though that would be cool if it was included in my price... yeah right.

I won't worry about it. The foundation guys told me not to, so I'll try. I'll really try because I do trust them. And if all continues at a good jogging pace, we'll be basement-bound by June 1st.