It’s a no-go on the under tile heating. We measured our heatable space and went online to Home Depot. (Being of little cash and without desire to pay credit card interest, the HD and their 0% financing for large purchases was the only option we could consider.) The chain carries one brand of under tile heat, available online only. How convenient.

The product description matched exactly what we wanted – quick and easy to install – ease of operation – quality heat. Mike wanted to know if we could cut it, so we went to the manufacturer’s website, www.qepfloorwarm.com to see if we could find out. We watched their installation video http://www.qepfloorwarm.com/Installation/Installation-Videos.aspx and read the FAQ. Everything looked great… but according to the FAQ, you can’t cut the stuff.

Now came the price tallying. We would need two 2x9’ rolls… at $215 a pop, plus $40 of floor primer, plus thermostat (not included), plus wiring up to thermostat (not included), plus junction box (not included)…. We were over $500 before we even hit thermostat.


Just can’t justify over $500 for under floor heat in a basement bathroom. Sure would be nice… the product looks great… but it’s too much right now. The unfortunate thing is, we can’t shop around because we just can’t afford it in cash at the moment. Not with Mike having a root canal, me with a set of new tires, and a family trip to Balimore in under two weeks.

Good news? This means we can just tile away! I left a message for my dad today (retired floor man) and hope to have him scheduled to help with installation soon. All we need to purchase is grout. (I’m hoping dadoo can help me with color selection and amount for our space too.)

After that, a little baseboard trim and all the fixtures can go in!