Headway Slows, List Grows

Time to dust off the 'ol keyboard. Yuck. I hate going this long between postings. When I finally return, such as now, I have a hard time remembering where we're at, what's happened, and why I should bother writing about any of it.

Starting in present time, we just returned from a family trip to Baltimore. Nice trip, successful. (Because when you're a parent, you give yourself a grade on your trip as if it was an exam. Mine are improving each time we travel.) While we were gone, my dad came to our house and tiled the basement bathroom! We obtained a tile saw for him to use and set it up in the garage, brought all the tiles downstairs, and cleaned up enough for him to be able to work. When we got home, the tile was laid and two marble thresholds had been installed in the two doorways.

Beautiful. The only thing missing now is grout, which I hadn't picked out yet at the time. Hopefully we can find some time this weekend to finish the job - Sunday, most likely. Once the grout is done, we can install the baseboard trim, which we should have enough of in-stock.

Come to think of it, we could even start cutting and staining that beforehand.... Hmmm...

After that, installation of fixtures (lighting and plumbing) and all doors. It's so close, I can just imagine myself in that new bathtub now.

Before we left for our trip, we managed to stain our side-porch steps. (They were too new to stain with the rest of the porch last year.) We hope to get another coat of stain on the entire porch in the coming weekends... Sunday, perhaps? (I sense a list coming.) Also, we seeded the side yard where we replaced the old trash hut around Christmas time. Grass is beginning to come in, but boy could we use some more rain to help it along.

On the list of Spring To-Do's, there's quite a bit more to be done. (Bathroom is behind schedule, as usual. But we can't complain, as we didn't schedule for a new kitchen in the middle of it all!)

To Do This Spring

Fertilize Entire Yard - ASAP
Install canopy on Mikey's playground set
Replace and change angle of slide on Mikey's playground set
Some material for side-driveway (now dirt)
Rubber roof the kitchen (has been tarped for over a month now)
Gut the old bathroom (upon completion of new one)

My List

Yard Sale (get rid of crap and old furniture)
Get new rug and re-arrange office to be shared with new baby
Create backyard seating with cinder blocks (Pinterest inspired project)
New plants for farmer's porch
More house plants
Basement cleaning (upon completion of bathroom)

So, I'm thinking that all can be accomplished in the next few weeks.... or not. A lot depends on money at this point. We're down quite a bit from dental work, new tires, and the Baltimore trip on top of our usual expenses. Mike is doing what he can. And my yard sale should generate something. (Thinking Memorial Day Weekend on that one.)

Stay tuned!