Not Pickin Up the Call of Spring

Time marches on…. or maybe I should say, “April’s on.” Yes, hello, spring called a while ago and I seem to have forgotten to answer the phone.

Pretty much as soon as we had our kitchen organized and life back together, the boys were back to work on the bathroom downstairs. Our neighbor and Mike finished the drywall and paint in just a couple days. (Missed the “you need to blog about that” message too. This was ages ago… you know, like beginning of last week ago. Practically the stone age.)

And once that was done, we hit a brick wall. We have all the tile. Installing it is the next step. The problem? Mike’s thinking we should do under-tile electric heating. Apparantly, it’s super easy and inexpensive. The problem? We need to measure the square footage needed… no need to heat the entire floor, right? Just the traffic areas. The problem? Stoopid stuff. Laziness. Bruins games. Workin’ late. Excuses excuses.

I think we’re still in a state of epic come down from the whole kitchen re-do/bathroom drywall madness. Mike’s barely recovered from the workload and feels he needs an extended break. And I can only push so far too… after all, I’m tired too.