The Night Shift

Progress! Progress on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at that. Progress in the evenings at that. Progress.

Wednesday night, Mike framed out the bathroom closet. It's going to be a good size - which is good, since we shop at BJ's.

Thursday night, the plumber was over and he and Mike did EVERYTHING. They finished the tub plumbing, put the tub in its place, and tested the entire system. No leaks! (First time for everything, right?) Mike even began cleaning up after the plumber left... but didn't get too far, since our shop vac's filter was plugged to the max. (Dang you Sears - the only place you can purchase your Crapsman Shop Vac Filter.)

Then, just this afternoon, I got a surprise call from Lowes! The tile is in... Early! What a nice end to the week. I picked it up on the way home and I am psyched! Mike picked up his filter and he is psyched! Ok, so maybe not, but it's still reason to celebrate, in my opinion.

Next step - electrical. Mike's bringing in a pro to help with this too - just to keep things safe with all the GFI's and such. Never can be too careful around water. But it shouldn't be a big to-do. A few lights, a fan, some switches, an outlet or two here and there... Done! Stay tuned...

And now for the other big news of the week. Big BIG news. The possible kitchen I alluded to in a previous post? It's happening! It's really really for really real happening. I can't share too many details, since this kitchen is a semi-covert operation. But I will tell you that we had a dude come out and measure. He drew out and planned a new design for us and found a great, economical cabinet manufacturer for us. I went and looked at everything - loved everything - and the order will be finalized on Monday.

There's only a little bit of stressful news to accompany all this good stuff... in prep for cabinet installation, there's a lot to do in very little time while we have a lot of other bathroom-related tasks going on. Of course all the old cabinets must be removed. Drywall needs to be fixed on walls and ceiling and repainted. No tile existed under the current cabinets - so we will need to add tile. The stove is moving over - hopefully the wire will reach.

Sometimes I wonder if all this is really happening....