Dam It Jim I'm an Editor, Not An Electrician

Mike did not call our electrician last week as promised. Over the week, he’s been installing boxes and doing some initial wiring… and had somehow by Sunday he had convinced himself that he could do it all by himself. All by himself with a little help from the internet. I said nothing until he started asking me questions about GFI’s. Me?

If it’s come down to I’m-The-Most-Knowledgeable-Person-In-The-Room about electrical… well, I think it’s time to call in a professional. Mike actually agreed. He made the call and scheduled for next weekend. (Almost too easy.)

And me? I’ve got to call on cabinet delivery dates as soon as I remember to grab the number. I’m thinking electrical this weekend – kitchen demo next weekend. That would leave us 1-2 weeks to do drywall and all other previously listed changes. Speaking of drywall, we’ll be ready for that downstairs too once the electrical is complete.

HOLY CRAP THIS IS ALL COMING TOGETHER! My Bday’s March 9th… I think I’m going to have a party.

Style of Cabinets - Color Isn't Very Accurate Here

Color is More Accurate Here, A Little Lighter - Swatch is Countertop