A Tub In Time

Mike is a highly distractable dude. We've talked about this before... you know, the whole, "No New Projects Until Unfinished Projects Have Been Completed" policy that I try to keep in effect? This weekend, his goal was to put in the tub. Unfortunately, he got stuck on Sunday... he wasn't 100% confident on putting in the drain and had a slew of questions. He called our plumber friend who promised he'd try and come out some time this week.

But, with plenty of other tasks to be accomplished, Mike continued on, purchasing more lumber & doors for the closet and additional plumbing parts. And that brought Sunday to a close, since we had a dinner/tax date in the evening.

So, with all this to do downstairs, plus hooking up our new car stereos, plus hooking up our new Wii, plus a whole lot of other projects I shouldn't even mention.... what the hay - the new furnace filter, the Jeep go-cart project, cleaning the carpet/couch with the upholstery machine we brought home like 3 or 4 weeks ago... ok, I'll stop there. So, with all that, I was shocked to hear that he borrowed a metal detector on Monday and was gallivanting around the yard searching for our property markers.

Really? As I said, highly distractable. His reasoning was the putting up for sale of the house next door, who uses a portion of our property for their driveway. We don't mind that they use the land - we're just not giving it up. Still I ask, really? The house just went on the market and I'm guessing it will take some time to sell, just like last time.

And he didn't even find the markers he was looking for. The detector at one point beeped "GOLD" so he got down and dug... beer can. I reminded him again how useless I thought a metal detector was in our yard. For years, previous owners had buried their trash. (That's just what they did in the olden days.) So there's a ton of junk underground. We've found car parts, dishes, bottles, cans, and plenty of other worthless junk in the ground out there - simply by accident, or by digging.

Sometimes, you just can't argue with guys. I'm just hoping our plumber can visit us soon so this weekend doesn't turn into a scavenger hunt to nowhere too.