Is There Bathroom Yet?

Would you believe after our disappointing run to the HD, Mike went to begin plumbing and discovered that we’d purchased the wrong gauge of pipe? A fitting end to a trip fated for disaster.

But it all ended well, since on the same trip to return the pipe, Mike returned a bunch of lattice connectors (leftover from summer farmer’s porch work) that we didn’t need.

*And let me take a time out here because I had to FORCE him to take this stuff back. What is up with guys and returning stuff? Sure it’s been months. Sure we don’t have the receipt. But they’re Home Depot! Unless you’ve cut it, drilled it, or damaged it in some obvious way – they will take it back! But did he want to take it back? Noooooo. Not without me. I said, “Fine, I’ll go.” Then, the reply was, “But I’ll have to put away all the stuff in the garage…[that was littered about the driveway]” So I said, “Ok, then I won’t – but you’re going to take it back! I would do it myself, but it won’t fit in my truck.” He grudgingly loaded it up… And came back with nearly $50 in store credit from the lattice connectors alone! ($40 additional in cash from the pipe, which he’d had the receipt for.)

$50 that would have been otherwise just sitting in the basement until it was damaged and needed to be thrown away. GUYS! And by the way, I have embarrased myself plenty of times trying to bring stuff back that was cut, drilled, and/or damaged in an obvious way. So what? It’s worth the try every time.

Going back to the bathroom – Mike then purchased the pipe at his work for a better price. Boo-yah, meant to be. He’s been plumbing all week after a flair up of eczema on my face got us both back thinking about the ill health effects of that dang old bathroom.

And as for the tile? My sweet sweet sweet tile. I asked Mike to measure and give me the amount of tiles we needed. (12x12 makes it simple – one square foot each.) The grand total: 120 tiles, and of course we’d need extra. No problemo. I hop back onto Lowes.com, find my tile, put the price into my caculator and…. HAD A FREAKIN HEART ATTACK.

A box o tile contains 11 tiles. A box o tile costs about $58. I estimated we’d want to get at least 13 boxes. THAT’S OVER $700!!!!! Plus tax, thanks Massachusetts.

I was so flabbergasted.  I thought about it for over a week, looked at other tile on other websites, and even visited Lowes the store. $58 for 11 was a comparable price. Plus, I didn’t like anything else I saw anywhere else. There’s just not much choice in the Blue color scheme. Much of it was 12x12 squares made up of itty bitty mosaic tiles. No thanks.

I thought about it. Thought about it. Then last night, Mike gave me the news… he was going to be finishing up the plumbing. The closet would need to be built – a fairly easy task. And then the tile. That was just the next step.

I had to make a decision and I bought it. My plastic is still steamy hot from the transaction. Ugh. Who would have thought the flooring would have been nearly as expensive as all the fixtures?

It will be delivered to the store 2/8. Almost makes me wish I had ordered it a week ago, but no matter. Plenty of time to finish up the plumbing, closet, and tie up any other lose ends.

And we may be getting a brand new kitchen… yes. Maybe.


Kathy from NJ said...

Isn't 12 x 12 = 144? After all this, I really don't want you to be short...

kitrainia said...

Yes, yes it is. But I'm not multiplying 12*12. That's the size of the tile, 12" by 12" square, or one square foot each. So when we figured out the square footage of the bathroom, 120 sq feet, that should mean 120 tiles if each tile is one square foot. Thanks though, you got me thinking that I may have been off - I'm not the most mathematical person!