Trimming Here and There

First off, thank you all, we won the case. The floor shalt not be poly'd.

With that decision made, we quickly moved on to window trim. Mike's been cutting and staining and scuffing and staining since Sunday. And last night he applied the final coat.

With another baby-related class tonight, we won't be able to install the trim until at least tomorrow night, pending Mike's schedule. Then, once this trim is installed, we can put up the new shades and then begin the fun and exciting process of cutting and staining and scuffing and staining the trim that goes around the windows.

Closet doors, trim, light, and organizer are next on the list after that.... then we're done!

Granted, I still have yet to purchase the rug. But I plan to probably after the 15th of this month. And hey - wouldn't you know that's right around the corner!

Seeing as how we decided not to poly, we put together the crib on Sunday. (I just couldn't stand looking at the box any longer!) Though I was apprehensive about the color at first, once I saw it in the room I was just in love. Perfect contrast - not too yellow. And the bedding matches the room just perfectly. I couldn't be happier!

Notice the little Fidget head... yeah she thinks this is an awesome new cat bed. Boy is she going to be disappointed!


Ashley said...

That is a very cute crib! My cats love to jump into Kirsten's crib too, when she's not in it.

Jennifer Poppy said...

Cute room! We painted our baby's room a light turquoise (his colors are turquoise, lime & chocolate). And his crib I painted white & distressed it for a vintage look.