The Lions and The Lambs

This March the lions and the lambs are just running around in circles! One day it's winter, next day - spring. Surprising that living creatures don't go into shock from the constant changeover.

Yesterday was definitely a lamb day. Mike and I cleaned up around the yard and burned some brush. It felt good to be outside, even though I couldn't do much yard work save for picking up some bits of trash. (Although I did dare to go for a short motorcycle ride late in the afternoon.)

And in the evening - well, I sort of have a confession to make. I went to the deepHo and bought baseboard trim and closet doors on my HD card. I had a coupon.

So before you shake your head and remind me that I shouldn't be using that dam card - I'll have you know that I paid off the entire balance this morning. (Minus what I just purchased yesterday.) And there is the matter of having a coupon... a coupon requiring you to purchase on your card of course, but a coupon nonetheless. And if I don't purchase anything else, I can have this paid within the next billing cycle. So it's not so bad after all.

Now comes the cycle of cutting and staining and sanding and staining again. The rest of the window trim still hasn't been cut. Mike and I have both been really busy... and he doesn't much like trim work anyway, so he's been procrastinating and I just haven't pushed the issue yet. Although I did pick up the new rug on Saturday! I'm really happy, it looks good, and now I'm even more eager to have the trim done so I can put the rest of the curtains back up.

The only things left to buy are the closet light and organizer. And if I had remembered, I would have bought the closet light on my coupon too. The organizer is a Lowe's item.

Baby's room with rug - looks pretty much completed from this angle. You can't see the other sides of the room where there are no curtains, no closet doors, and a big pile of hardwood....


Jennifer Poppy said...

so sweet!

Ashley said...

That bassinett is adorable!