I have a closet organizer in my bedroom closet that I'm just in love with. It's a Closetmaid Completions Cherry 16" set with matching drawers and shelves. The cherry color just happens to match our hardwood and trim color perfectly!

Granted, the dam thing was expensive. Nearly $90 for the 16" base set and then around $30-40 for each 10" drawer. So, as you can imagine, I didn't purchase everything at once. Whenever I had some extra cash, I'd head over to Lowes, where I first bought the main $90 set, and I'd pickup a drawer here, a shelf there, etc.

I was really looking forward to purchasing a second set for the baby's room - the main set, the drawers, the shelves - I was just going to purchase everything. So yesterday at lunch I went out to my nearest Lowes...

And they didn't have it. In fact, they didn't have any more Closetmaid Completions sets. They had a new brand! They didn't even have any of the accessories for the Closetmaid sets. And the new brand, though similar in style, was a completely different color.

Then I tried Home Depo. They were carrying Closetmaid Completions.... but not in Cherry.

At this point I went online and frantically started searching. Neither Home Depot or Lowes had the Cherry colored set available. Lowes still listed it, but you couldn't purchase online and it wasn't finding the item at any of my closest stores.

I found several blogs talking about a big sale on Closetmaid Completions at Lowes - 75% off. Boy am I pissed I missed out on that memo!

Then I went to the Closetmaid site - turns out you can't order Completions direct from Closetmaid, though they still listed the cherry set and accessories in their online catalog.

I checked Ebay - no luck. And no other store or website seemed to carry it.

So I went back to Closetmaid's website and sent them the following inquiry:
I currently have one of your Closetmaid Completions Cherry 16" closet organizers with several drawers. I love it because it matches the cherry hardwood floors and trim of my house. I want to purchase another 16" Closetmaid Completions Cherry closet organizer with drawers and other accessories. However, it seems Lowes has discontinued carrying it, Home Depot does not carry it in the Cherry color, and I cannot purchase it online. Has this product been discontinued? I hope not. I would really like to purchase. Where can I purchase?

But I have a feeling they're going to tell me that color has been discontinued. I can't tell you what a disappointment this is. It was the perfect color! And now I can't even get new accessories in the same color for my closet set. I can purchase the wire drawers instead of the laminate wood-looking ones, so I'm not totally screwed, but still!

Hopefully Closetmaid will get back to me soon. If the set is indeed discontinued, I will have to purchase an odd ball wood color - or just go with white. I can't help but think that I wouldn't be in this situation if the sets and accessories weren't so dam expensive!

UPDATE - I just looked again at Home Depot's website - they're calling the wood color of their Closetmaid sets cherry - but it is definitely not the color I previously purchased. Looks more like oak to me.
This is Home Depot's Cherry

The Cherry color I currently have and am looking for.


mom2am said...

I have the same problem so I contacted closetmaid. I was told that I could special order them through Lowe's still........we will see..

Erin said...

I'm looking for some closet accessories in the same original cherry color - any luck?

Louis said...

Any luck with closet made, we are trying to expand an existing cherry completions system.

kitrainia said...

No luck I'm afraid. Rumor has it you can still special order the old cherry color at lowes, but I heard about it too late. I ended up buying the lighter colored set. I had no choice. =(

Anonymous said...


I too need some cherry closetmaid pieces...I bought a bunch last year enough for two homes.. 3 total walk in closets and 6 regular bedroom closets.
I have too many of some pieces and not enough of the others.
Not sure if I can still return any of the excess after a year, now that it is discontinued.
I have 4 of the corner units (two total if stacked), and several of the doors for the wide towers. And several drawers for the wider towers. Also a shoe cube.
Hope I can get something back for them that was alot of money.
I live in Apopka, fL if any of you are near the area and are in need of any of the above mentioned pieces.
E-mail me at
cybrg0dess@aol.com The o is a #0
I need the smaller drawer for the small tower.
Good luck everyone

Anonymous said...

Same problem here. I'm looking to 4 sets of doors and a corner base unit. If anyone has any - let me know! Thanks brad.molinsky@comcast.net

Kay said...

Hi I have 2 of c10 and c2 drawers from closetmaid completions cherry.I also have 1 set of doors. They are still in the box! let me know if you are still looking for those.

Im in Houston.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

posted: 02/09/2010
I also have some of the ClosetMaid Completions cherry.
Still in the box.
I have: 4 C13, 2 C9, 2 C5, 2 C3, 1 C7, 1 C2
wit 1 Sliding Basket 24" wide and 1 Shelf 48"

I'm in the Akron Ohio area.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for the shelf ot top piece that goes on top its like 18" wide by I think 6 or eight foot long in cherry, also a bronze extendable clothes bar, or a unit to fit a 21" space I think it would be a 18" unit all cherry.
email me jp777casino@yahoo.com

Ann said...

Any tips on installing these?

I bought the T10 drawer (2) and a T1 tower in the Selectives line at Lowe's. After 2 hours of assembly I go to put the drawers in, and the top one is way too high. The top of the drawer front extends about 1/2 inch from the top of the tower unit. I followed all the instructions and installed the drawer gliders 7 holes down. Is there an mistake in the instructions?

Also, it says this unit can be used freestanding. I do not think this is right. It is wobbly and the top drawer opens by itself, as it pitches forward from the weight, and I only have 2 drawers installed, not 3. I think these units are badly designed and should never be recommended as a freestanding unit. It is not safe the way it is for my child's closet. I am not happy with this purchase and it was not cheap. I spent over 150.00 on the components.