Good News and Spaz News

The good news is - Mike made it to the town hall today and talked to someone who was apparently quite nice and now the dude is coming out to the house on Monday to take a look at the basement and, hopefully, sign off on the permit that all is well and good and we can get on with our lives.

The spaz news is in regards to the farmer's porch. And again, there's good news and spaz news. The good news is that the nice person said she didn't think it would be a problem, and we could just draw out our plan on the house map. The spaz news is we need to fill out application forms again.

And Mike started arguing with me, "They're just going to tack it on to our current permit - we just fill out the form and it's $25 and it'll be all set."

But I know better. That means it's a whole new permit. And for it to be approved, it has to pass hands through all the departments - including conservation, who will say, "oh look at this, they're across the street from the river... DENIED."

And then we'll have to go through 500lbs of paperwork, again. Notify all the neighbors, again. Pay a buncha fees, again. Wait three weeks and then appear before the conservation commission, again. Have the Andersons stand up and speak against us, again. Cry, again.

This is what I was afraid of. Not that I even care about the paperwork or the notifications or even the fees or the three weeks or the conservation commission meeting. It's the Andersons. Them, I'm afraid of. They hate us for no reason and want to viciously shut down our projects just to spite us.

And that's why I call it good news and spaz news.