Woe Wednesday

I am not feeling so hot this afternoon. Urg. It's hard to function.

I just want to get home and shower. But my good friend just read my Mold Report and said, "I could imagine how desperate you felt and how disgusted you must be taking showers..." And that's true. I want to close my eyes and imagine myself in a beautiful bathroom.... too bad that's a little dangerous. I might end up washing my hair with shave gel or something.

Mike has sworn to me that he'll go to the town hall soon (and by soon, I mean like I'm going to make him go this week or next) to get this whole basement permit thing taken care of. Meanwhile, speaking of the bathroom, I should probably start that process soon too.

Post halloween party I need to take care of finally finishing the upstairs, which I've been talking about forev's. It's just all the banister stuff that's going to be annoying. And I did just rack up more deepho charges with all my painting.

I really just want to lay down right now.