More Ups and Downs of Stairs

It's going to be a hard winter. Without elaborating too much - I got some really depressing news last week and money is going to be tight. I'm afraid our projects around the house will be even more delayed. First a very unproductive summer and now this.... *sigh*

But we did get some good news too - our basement has been a-oked by the town inspector. What a relief. A project three years in the making - finally and officially done. Hard to believe. And yesterday in celebration, we put the icing on the basement cake so to speak.

Stairs. We built stairs from our living room to the basement. We now have interior access to the basement. Again, what a relief.

Here's Mike destroying our former hall closet under our stairs to the 2nd floor.

And cutting the hole...

You can see where the little tiny harry-potter like closet was under the stairs - now we have to figure out what to do with the hole where the door used to be.

Almost done. We figured out the stair-math using the stair calculator from blocklayer.com - very quick and easy.
Mike figures out the laaast step.


Kelly said...

Great Job! Looks like a LOT of work! I'll be interested in seeing what ya'll do with that hole. Hope things aren't as tight this holiday season as you think it will be!

Jennifer said...

Thinking about the hole... wine cabinet? Or glassware storage? Or CD/DVD storage? I'm trying to think of things the size of a door frame to store there, with perhaps shelves or something.

Looks like a lot of work... should be fun!

Rebecca said...

The hole where the door was over looks the new basement stairs, correct? How about a window? Or glass block? Basement stairs are always so dark and creepy. A window will let in light and keep the stairs from feeling so closed in. You could always frost it if you don't want people to actually look through it. And you can open it when you need to air out the musty basement smell.

And it would just be cool and unique!

kitrainia said...

Wow, I never thought of all that. CD/DVD is a good idea because its so shallow - or the window. Thanks guys, once again you've got me thinking in a different direction - I love it!