One More Snag

I um.... have a confession. There was no painting or any other work done last night. And this time, it's me messing up my own schedule.

We had a little Thirsty Thirsday party at work yesterday... and all us girls started drinking at around 3.... started dancing around 4.... were on the floor around 6.... and chugging water by 8 so we could get home. Crazy office madness.

So forget everything I said yesterday - forget all schedules. I'm not even going to try and set a goal for this weekend... we'll just have to see what develops.


Anonymous said...

do you recall drunk dialing me? well, drunk-texting? If not, I was impressed by the lack of spelling mistakes...

how are them-there edit suites working?


kitrainia said...

Yeah.... I texted a couple people with totally random messages. For no apparent reasons. Sorry bout that urbody.

Greg said...

no - feel free to send more along... I'll be sure to save them in the event you ever run for president.

Speaking of which, I think I need a drink.