Lawn's Away!

Great news!

Mike talked to Nick Mitchell yesterday after work. Turns out he'd been to our house yesterday. And boy did he give us a super price. Super Duper. And I don't normally use that phrase.

This is what they're gonna do:

* Grade the entire yard so it's silky (er... sandy) smooth. This means taking off 3inches of soil off the backyard.

* Put down 3 inches of loam over the entire yard. (No more fear of walking on broken glass/nails/garbage in the yard!)

* Spread out said loam all nicely - just like the rich people's lawns!

* Hydro-Seed the entire yard with a special "Guaranteed-to-Grow" formula.

All this for the low low price of $2400. That includes materials AND labor. And that's a super duper deal. We're basically getting the labor for free. Of course, Mike would always be on hand if they needed any mechanical work in the future. These guys always trade off in labor, which is too cool in my opinion.

Nick said they'd come and do the job either tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday. Wouldn't that be awesome? I am so excited. Grass... lawn... what a concept. It's worth every penny.