Photo Update

Here's the newly stained door from office to our bedroom:
Office before picture September 2005:

And here's my newly re-organized re-designed office after:
Here's the opposite angle of the office:
Here's the view from my new desk:
*This picture is ironic because I'm sitting at this desk right now looking at a picture of this desk...

Here's our bedroom:


The Litter Box House said...

Wow. Great job fixing the office up. I'm still a bit shocked at how nice the windows look with the addition of curtains. It makes the room look so much warmer!


kitrainia said...

I was amazed too. I hated the room before. Abhorred it. The minute I put up those curtains, (which I bought on a whim the day of my wedding as a last ditch effort to make the room look better) the room changed! After that I had major trouble with furniture arrangement. But once I turned the bookshelf to face inward and put a lamp on it, I thought, Now we're getting somewhere. Plus, the couch was the exact length of the desk and made a natural divider between the desk area and the sitting area. Now I just love the whole room.