Dormer Doors

One of my frustrations - among many - is my attic space lovingly referred to as The Loft, an homage to The Loft of tween makeout sessions belonging to my good friend Becci's house.

Anyway, it's really just an attic crawl space accessed by two small holes in the wall. One hole in my office, the other in my master bedroom. The frustration - how to create doors for these holes. Nice looking ones, you know, with a knob, and some trim. Maybe a raised panel.

My internet searches had previously turned up nada for pre-hung attic doors. Mostly because I didn't know this type of attic was called a Dormer or knee wall. Once I discovered that, I pulled up a site with very suave-looking pre-hung dormer doors. All custom made to my specifications. Here's a pic:

Those aren't my doors - those are the examples on their website - which is http://www.access-doors.net/index.html

Anyway - I measured my holes last night... that sounds kinda dirty. Clear you minds, just the attic door holes. And just now I filled out the dimensions on their online form and hit the submit button.

I wonder what kind of pricing they'll come back with. I know that custom anything means mucho dinero, but these doors are small, and I'm hoping hoping that will keep cost down.


matt said...

They're like the Alice in Wonderland doors. :)

Patricia W. said...

The switchplate site is awesome. Thanks for sharing the info. and link!

Rebecca said...

Since you posted the price later, may I suggest buying a kitchen cabinet door (home depot I think sells the door separate from the cabinet) and cutting it down? They must have something with the right width that you could start with as a base. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just make it rounder.

kitrainia said...

I like that phrase! Make it rounder. I still have to do some more research - I actually haven't done anything as of yet... lazy me. But I'll keep you all updated as to the final solution.

Anonymous said...

I have knee walls in my attic that I have put access doors in. My contractor cut down six panel doors to fit the opening and then is going to trim it out. It looks great and matches the rest of the house since I have 6 panel doors throughout!

Anonymous said...

They are now being sold by a NC company called Curb Appeal Products.
We bought two doors and installed them without any problem. They come pre-hung and weather-stripped. Doors are made to any size and they are very affordable. A good product. Go for it!!!