The Sink Is Out of the Living Room

Ah yes, that renovation life. The things I have had to do over the years... sink in the living room, doing dishes in the bathtub, living out of one room, step stool as front step for about 3 years, and so on and so forth.

But I'm proud to announce that as of Wednesday night, the bathroom sink is out of the living room and in the bathroom!

So as you might imagine, we completed wall color painting on Monday and Tuesday night. It turned out fabulously!

And now here it is with the sink and vanity lights installed. Mike caulked around the sink and also around the shower, where he hadn't been able to put in drywall mud because of the low clearance.

Last night, Mike put on another layer of caulking, sink and shower. Then, he installed the fan trim and light switch plate. (Although that's temporary. We'll be getting a multi-function switch soon enough.) He also put up the shower enclosure, although did not fully install it. It's really starting to look like a bathroom now! And now that the sink and shower enclosure are out of the living room... that's really starting to look like a living room again.

Next up - sink plumbing, shower enclosure installation, mirror hanging, and trim work. Oh, and I have to find time to paint the door. It's absolutely disgusting.