Primed and Ready

We nearly had another moment last night. Yes, Mike purchased roller and brushes yesterday and brought them home as planned. The issue came when we opened up the primer and found it was all dried out!

Hating to wait yet another night, we added water to the can and stirred. And stirred. And stirred some more until it kinda sorta felt like paint again. Then, Mike put it through a paint strainer to remove lumps (he does auto body work too - worked in auto body for years and has all the gear) and we attempted to put it on the wall. Bad idea. It was just like water. Lumpy textured water, despite the straining. No good.

For a few minutes, we thought we were screwed... then located another can of primer in the basement. We opened it up nervously, but this one looked good! No water needed, just a little stirring. Phew! How frustrating would that be to have to wait another night and buy yet another primer?

Painting could finally commence! Mike manned the roller and I manned the brush, cutting in as he hit the walls and ceiling. The bathroom is looking like a real live room at long last!

Wall/Ceiling by the shower

Vanity and window wall
Today I sent Mike to work with my two paint swatches - ceiling in a color called Peacock tail, a beautiful and deep teal, and the light, nearly white wall color with a tinge of mint that I didn't note the name of. (I'm SO excited!)