Unworthy of Even a T-Shirt

So Hurricane Earl turned... literally turned... out to be a big fat sack of nothing. Durn it, no "I Survived Blah Blah Blah" t-shirt.

And eventually we'll have the unhappy task of moving all the lumber and patio furniture back up to ground level from the basement... but not this Labor Day Weekend. Yes, as usual I had high hopes for big accomplishments over the past few days. Unfortunately, I've been feeling like poo for most of the weekend and couldn't bring myself to do anything Sunday and Monday.

Mike managed to cross off some long-standing items on his to-do list. Fixing the snow blower for neighbor 1, fixing the lawn tractor for neighbor 2, fixing his own lawn tractor, installing his fuel pump, fixing the mini 4-wheeler, fixing some dude's 4wheeler, returning neighbor 2's tiller....

I suppose it's a very good thing to have all those things taken care of - especially as we go into fall and we look towards cleaning up the yard.

But I had really wanted to go over to the HD and pick up wood putty and trim for the porch. (The more we've thought about it, the more we've thought that caulk will expand and contract - wood putty is made for nail holes, so we may as well do the right thing and use it.) The trim we need will go where the bead board ceiling meets the pre-primed white interior wrapping as well as around the front door.

I dreampt of purchasing it all and painting it all... but no such luck.

Mike also mentioned the kitchen to me again... I said don't tempt me, I'll buy a window today. So maybe it's a good thing that this sinus thing kept me unmotivated and stuck in the house. I probably would have purchased a big 'ol window. (Though I did scold him once again, "Read my lips, No NEW projects!")

Oh, and then he started with the, "You better start thinking about the layout of the basement bathroom."

And I'm thinking to myself, "Dude, you are getting waaay ahead of yourself here." It is so impossible to keep him focused sometimes. I need to tattoo "FINISH THE PORCH" on his forehead or something.

Speaking of which, Timmy had some parties 'n stuff this weekend, putting further construction on hold. Which is cool, because as I said, Mike had things to do, I wasn't feeling well, and let's face it, Timmy's been working weeks straight on our house, so a break is more then well deserved.

Back to work this weekend? It's not up to me - I'll be working I'm afraid.

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