Happy Surprise

Here I am work-a-holicking at a conference when Mike sends me a text:
"Farmer's porch trim is done." Followed by a picture:

Note the neat white trim from the start of the farmer's porch, straight through and now over the top of the mudroom. Ok, wow, I was thinking. That's great. "So what's next? The inside side trim?"
That was replied with another picture:

"All that's left is the post and 1/2 round"

Here note the trim where the porch ceiling meets the house. I freaked out. No way had I expected it ALL to be done! I wished I'd been in a position to actually call him back to chit chat about it. "Show me by the door," I replied hurriedly.

I'm impressed. Straight out impressed. I didn't even know if the guys would be working over the weekend, so what a nice surprise!! To think... next we'll wrap the posts. Perhaps this weekend?

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