This past Sunday, work continued out on the garage addition. This time, with the addition of plywood. I arrived late in the afternoon after a weekend away to find that the wood portion of the show was nearly complete.

And I'll tell you one thing - with that roof on there, that addition looks BIG. I feel like I have no backyard left, even though there's been that concrete slab of the same size there for years. Must be the inability to see through to the other side of the yard. Then again, there's all the random junk still littering up the remainder of the back yard. None of that helps any.

In looking at it now, it almost appears that we just purchased a dang big shed and installed it at the butt of the garage. Hopefully when everything's painted up it'll look at least a little more cohesive. Maybe I can add some shrubs there on the side and the back. Oooo! There's an idear. Or we could get a canopy to attach to the side there, string up some lights, and put down one of those nifty fire burning tables. Oooooo!

Of course the whole place needs to be cleaned up.... again. Doesn't it just feel like we just cleaned up the yard?! I told Mike, once this garage addition is finished, he's got to get the trucks done and out. Sell one, drive one, sell two, buy a better one - I don't care. Just doooo it and lets be done with this giant vehicle fiasco we've been dealing with since LAST SUMMER.

Uuuhh. Makes me sick just to think I've been looking at this junk pile for near to a year.

On the bright side, the front yard is looking lovelier by the day.

The trees are in bloom! (And certainly not dead, which is a very good thing.) Most of the lawn is looking good, save for the spot where we removed that old tree and the spot where we had a trailer fulla siding for half of last summer. Luckily, even those spots are starting to come up now thanks to one of those "grow anywhere" seed products.

I only wish the porch was done. My hope is dwindling there though.

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