Attack of the Yard

Little Mikey turned 1 last Sunday, but to avoid Mother's Day plan conflictions, we scheduled his party for this coming Sunday. Weather's going to be beautiful.... the yard, not so much.

Mike and I spent some quality time with some good friends of ours last Sunday, which was a nice change of pace for sure, but left the yard in the same shambled condition it's been since the last garage addition building session. Our roofer told Mike, "Just get the shingles, let me know, and I'll just come by and roof the whole thing. It'll only take me a couple hours." Mike considered picking them up last Monday, but just didn't get to it. That means this Monday for sure.

No roof for the fiesta.

What really bugs me is the boat... the new boat. Oh I'm going to love it on the water for sure - it's huge! In the yard... on stands... so it can't be moved.... not so much. Repeat: It's huge! So we have a boat on stands in the middle of the back yard and an empty boat trailer in need of some TLC before the boat can be set down on it. Taking up double space.

Then there's 4Runner #1 - which, you'll be proud to know, we finally moved off of the side yard, giving that grass a fighting chance to survive the summer. Now it's in the driveway. And with prices back on the upside for Ebay 4Runners, now is most definitely the time to fix and sell. It's on our to-do list. I had hoped to get this taken care of this week, but that, in hindsight, was wishful thinking. No fear - always next week. Although I don't want to go much longer then that, as prices are sure to go down when we hit the heat of summer. I need to sell my second soft top too. Another item on the to-do list.

I digress.

So I guess I may have given away my anxiety about the state of the yard on FB, since yesterday afternoon our neighbor Dana came over with his weed whacker and did the entire yard. Even though I hope he didn't go to any trouble... I really love that he did. The hill in back and the scruff up front are both looking very well groomed. Mike would have never had the time to do it himself.

Speaking of MBSR, he began tidying up last night. He moved the Pontiac motor off the driveway and into the new garage addition. Then, followed that by a random dirt bike, random lawn tractor, and finally, the skid steer. Hey! Less then an hour to fill the entire space. Imagine that. A new world record.

I haven't been back to check it out yet. Hopefully they'll be enough room for the tables and chairs and the bouncy house and all the other fun stuff we have planned for Sunday.

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