It's fixed! Yes, we've finally made it over the big yello hurdle! And if you missed all the drama, let me bring you up to speed...

The Vehicle Fiasco of 2009 began I suppose when I purchased yet another first gen 4Runner and around the same time my husband picked up yet another Dodge diesel and a for-parts-only Dodge to go along with it. This gave us a grand total of 5 trucks, two 4Runners and three Dodges.

The plan was to take Dodge #1 off the road and sell it to pay for repairs to Dodge #2 and the purchase of 4Runner #2. During the Dodge #2 repair downtime, Mike would drive 4Runner #1 and I'd drive 4Runner #2, the cheapest vehicles in terms of insurance. Once Dodge #2 was fixed and on the road, Dodge #3 could be junked and 4Runner #1 could be sold.

Well, problems arose with this plan right off the bat. Mike had no time whatsoever to fix Dodge #2 and Dodge #1 was not selling out on our lawn and craigslist. We were mere days away from just putting it on Ebay when 4Runner #1 began having major issues, rendering it "undrivable" as Mike put it.

Despite my protest, he took off the For Sale sign and put Dodge #1 back on the road. Almost immediately after, 4Runner #2 broke and I was stuck driving 4Runner #1... yes, "undrivable" or not, there I was, driving it every day.

Unfortunately a small issue became a big problem when we couldn't figure out what was causing the issue with 4Runner #2. Mike and our neighbors across the street spent a month of Sundays changing out parts between the two 4Runners until FINALLY just this past Sunday, they discovered it had been a bad distributor the entire time. (Always something stoopid, right?)

So after finally fixing 4Runner #2, Mike returned to working on Dodge #2. At this point he's pretty much ready to do the Dodge #2 and 3 cab switch. He painted Dodge #2's frame on Monday. Hopefully we'll have some good weather so he can finally complete this project. Then plan now is to fix Dodge #2, get Dodge #3 outta here, sell Dodge #1, and then fix and sell 4Runner #1.

Time is of the essence. We're both eager to get to work on that living room floor, the wood for which has been hanging out in our hallway since last year. And speaking of which, apparently, Mike just picked up a new wood entertainment center today... and when I say "new" I mean someone came into his work with the thing in the back of their truck on the way to the dump with it and he nabbed it.

So we'll see what kind of thing comes home. I hope someday to have a nice flat screen over a nice fireplace in the living room....

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