Putting the "No" in November

Hey, at least I didn't put the "burrrr" in November, right?

Right now it's all about No. As in No more problemos... knock on something. Sunday Mike successfully removed the cab from Dodge #3. (See incredibly insane removal device below.)

And when I returned home from work on Monday, the remainder of Dodge #3 was gone. (That's a No as in No more excess vehicles.) Now you would think the next step would be to install the cab onto Dodge #2. But no (there's that No again), nothing is ever that simple. Dodge #2 needs a new transfer case first.

I'd love for Mike to have the transfer case for this Sunday - but I doubt that's going to happen. I told him he needs to sell some of this junkola he's been bringing home and promising to sell for big bucks and then never does. (No more junkola in November!) So I suppose we'll see what happens. There's less than a week to finish putting the No in this month.

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