Raising the Ruff

Nope. It's not the roof. It's the ruff. Get it right.

Saturday was a beautiful day.... and I was stuck working in a windowless auditorium for about 14 hours. Not that I mind terribly - it's just a LONG day. I'm still exhausted.

While I was gone, Mike and the guys began framing the porch roof. This morning I took some pics and one of them came out like this:

I haven't the faintest idea why. If you can look closely and isolate one of these duplicates - which I have trouble with - my eyes just don't like it! You'll see that this is the side portion above the french doors.

And in this normal pic, you can see the front roof section. The only part missing is the difficult part where front and side roof meet. But that will have to wait, because this weekend is bike week weekend! And we'll be gone in NH from Fri until late Sun.... spending a ton of money that I don't have, I'm sure.

And here's the front. I think the funniest thing is that the grass under the porch looks better than the grass outside the porch. I'm sure that won't last long - but it just goes to show what a little shade can do for your grass. That's why I need some trees out front. Maybe next spring.


Rebecca said...

That multi picture picture is a setting on the digital cameras used for speed (on older cameras) or 'pick the best' (newer cameras). Yours came out very psychedelic!

Enjoy bike week(end)!

I'm jealous, but I think my maxi-scooter would be laughed out of the state.

kitrainia said...

Yeah, I musta had it on some weird setting - because it took pics fine after that...

And thanks! I hope we get some good weather - so far I see scattered thunderstorms all over NE for the weekend. Can't be any worse than 2 years ago when it rained buckets though....