Anybody Out There?!

Feels like an eternity gone by in just a few minutes. I think back on all the goings on of the last couple weeks and my mind is just boggled!

As you all know, we were up at Laconia last weekend having fun on da bike.... That is, after Mike put it in the truck and drove all the way back to our house from NH on Friday and back to NH Friday night to fix the durn thing after we had wiring problems. Just wouldn't be a vacation without a little horrible luck. But Saturday was great... then Sunday we had terrible thunderstorms and had to leave early.

All in all, just another emotional roller coaster.

This weekend's already feeling like tomorrow - despite it only being Tuesday. There's just so much to do between now and then - I doubt I'll even notice a few more days going by.

And then it's back to work on the porch. Time to get a roof on! Plywood anyway. And after that, I'm not sure what's going to happen. We're running low on dough. But we have to get the roofing done and the siding on.....

Then there's that whole other do-to list of exterior jobs. And it's nearly July! Wow. Two mo's to go. Maybe three. We've got to keep pushing forward no matter what!


Rebecca said...

So I shouldn't remind you that fourth of July weekend is practically here?

Where has summer gone!?!?!?

kitrainia said...

Urg - 4th of Jully!! Not only is it the official sign of "Oh-My-God-It's-Summer-And-I'm-So-Behind" but it's also me and Mike's 10th anniversary (that we've been together, not married - only been married a couple years).... so I'm really thinking to myself "Where the hell has time gone?!"