Weekend Ahead, Captain....

Looks like another hectic weekend for the onesixty crew.

First thing Sat we've got to hit the dump and then we're headed down Cape for a little tree removal and I've got to drop off some cat poop while we're there... While on Cape that is...At the vet's that is. Wow, what a bizarre to-do list, huh?

And then, if we can get our butts back home before dark, we'll attempt to prepare for and put in that other window. I was supposed to work on stripping and sanding the TA - but I don't know if there's going to be enough time to bother dragging it out of the garage!

Sunday's no better. We've got to get up early, drop off our old dresser at a friend's place and then high tail it back home so Mike isn't late for riding.

Don't you just love spring?!

Speaking of which, we went to the DeepHo on Tuesday and picked up some Lime and Scotts Step 1 spring stuff. Whatever it's called. Mike put down the Lime on Wednesday, although I don't think we can put down the Scotts yet. It's a little chilly still and I think it has seed in it. I can't wait though - maybe this year we'll have a real live bonified lawn! Sans weeds! That would be amazing....