Switching It Up a Little

You know it's almost spring when you get home from work and your husband says, "I was thinking about putting in those switches..."

Not, "Do you want to watch a movie?" Not, "I'm going out to the garage for a while." Not, "What's for dinner?" Those are all winter-laziness-type after work questions.

It's something about sunlight, I swear, that motivates us all to get more accomplished. That's why I say, YAY to turning forward the clocks in March. It really helps productivity around the house!

Now, I must admit I was super hungry last night and just wanted to laze about and stuff my face with veggie lasagna.... but this sign of spring could not be ignored.

So off we went to the home depot to get two three pole switches. (Having, of course, a box of plain 'ol two poles.) We also picked up a couple other little odds and ends - like a light activated light socket for your outdoor lights to turn them on when it gets dark and off when it's light.... Wow, how many times can I use the word light in one sentence!

Upon returning home we got right to work. And first thing - I put the light activated light socket (hereafter to be referred to as the "light thing") on our front door light. Low and behold - it worked. Yay. Ok, no problem.

But when I went to shut off the breaker for Mike to install the new switches - there was a buzzing emanating from the breaker box! Seeing as how strange electrical noises are never a good thing, we tested each breaker until we found the culprit....

The breaker controlling the living room lights and the front door light. The one with the light thing on it. So, naturally, I removed the light thing and the buzzing stopped. Weird, huh? Now, it may be because I have an energy saving bulb on that light. The light thing package warns "incandescent bulbs only." And also, the living room lights have a dimmer on them. The light thing package also warns, "do not place on the same circuit with a dimmer."

Of course, I had not read these before testing the thing. Who does? So unfortunately, I can't use the light thing! I was so disappointed, but I don't want my breaker box buzzing! That's freaky. I'd be worried about it constantly.

Even more disappointing, we couldn't get the switches hooked up. Wiring is confusing!! Especially in our basement and especially when you throw in 3 pole switching, new lights, old lights, new wires, two feeds.... I can't keep track.

But at least we tried to get stuff accomplished! A for effort!


Jennifer said...

That happens to me all the time! Good effort. :)