Alright - I know you've all been wondering how the whole plywood ordeal turned out.

We returned to the DeepHo Friday night with our electro-measuring thingie. Sure enough, the plywood measured 0.46... something. (Or, 15/32.)

I said to Mike, "Well, how is that going to work with the piece we have currently that measures 0.4?!"

He replied, "Oh, that measured the same... 0.4-something."

Ok, he forgot to mention the dot dot dot after the 0.4 when he told me the measurement the other day. So the piece we had in was in fact 15/32.

So we purchased all we needed, used our coupon. 15/32 seems to be the standard "actual" width of 1/2" plywood. BUT that does not excuse the Home Depot from labeling it in such a manner, thus confusing those of us (like myself) who are novice DIY - er's. LABEL IT 1/2" OR DO NOT LABEL IT AT ALL!

Over the weekend, I was working like a crazy gal - 14 hour days all weekend - the whole bit. While I was working, I asked Mike to go on Saturday and see if our good friend Hal still had his extra Anderson window and if we could get it/buy it.

But when I got home Saturday night (at about 10pm mind you) I was shocked and elated to discover that he had installed all the plywood in the mudroom! He had even moved our stackable washer/dryer all by himself. It was all done and it looked awesome!

He hadn't gone to see about the window, but I didn't care - this was great! Another big step in finishing the mudroom! And it made my tough weekend just that much easier!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! It is always so wonderful to come home to a surprise project finish. :)