Ahhh, Friday at Long Last

I've never been so happy to be on the edge of a weekend! February is almost over and I'm feeling fine. Over the past week, I've gotten so much relieving news too. No more worries for me! Well... at least not as many.

We did our taxes last night - and now comes time for the all important tax-return decision. If you remember, last year's returns purchased all the hardwood for the upstairs. I'm wondering if we should continue this year and purchase all the hardwood for the downstairs...

Or, should we save it for the construction of the farmer's porch.

I'm really on the fence about this one. Getting the hardwood for the downstairs would bring the house-interior-doneness level up to over 95%. As in the upstairs, we'd have to fix the downstairs drywall cracks, install subfloor and hardwood, and then finish the baseboard and other trim. And although that's a lot of work - it's the last hoorrah. At that point, the downstairs would be officially nearly done. We'd just have to do our stair railing and a couple other little things and that would be it. An amazing concept....

But we've been really gearing up for the farmer's porch, what with the installation of the french doors and permit preparation. Putting on the farmer's porch would be a huge improvement for the house's exterior. At the same time, we'd replace the disgusting old siding on the front of the house with nice clapboards - white with green shutters, window boxes, and of course the beautiful porch. It would be picture perfect.... at least from the front.

I want both equally as much! Ok housebloggers, let's take a vote. What would you do if you were me? Interior doneness or exterior progress?


Jennifer said...

I would go porch... but my house is a constant state of undoneness!

kitrainia said...

One vote porch. I need to see what Mike thinks too, actually. I was thinking about it all weekend and still can't decide!

gemteck60 said...

Loved the 2 minute rough cut of Suzanne Vega which turned out to be 7 minutes +! Nice work!

I'm a retired jewelry designer turned contractor so I;ll suggest you do the floor first since you live inside and will have so much pleasure from them. We just refinished the fir floors in our 100 year old farmhouse on Lopez Island in the San Juan's and I am so happy!

Also made a new entry complete with porch, the challenge was to make it look like it had been there all along. Pics on Flikr if interested.


kitrainia said...

Wow - now this was a freaky internet experience! I worked on the Suzanne Vega documentary 4-5 years ago and so I was highly weirded out that you would comment on it.

I thought to myself, Oh my god, how do I know you? How do you know I edited some of that?!

But then of course I went to the Mooncusser Films website and Chris has a link to my blog under my bio! How cool, I thought. Of course, my bio needed to be updated, so I sent him an email. And I'm embarrassed that you saw that pic of me - it's terrible!

But thanks for the comment! Now I've got to check out your pics! =)

gemteck60 said...

Hope I didn't scare you, I thought the Suzanne Vega thing was a work in progress. I thought it was a nice pic. go figure? Hope you enjoy mine.


gemteck60 said...


gemteck60 said...


kitrainia said...

Nah - I just had to figure it out. And I'm glad you like that pic! At least someone does. LOL =)