Submitting to My Door-sires

I got in the car after work last night, feeling invigorated after just completing a project. I had just been given a free bag of clothes from my good friend Sylena and her daughter Trystan too, and boy was I feeling fine.

I got home and walked into the mud room with a handful of groceries and just stood there for a few minutes, staring at the two windows facing the street. Everything suddenly seemed very clear, and all the swirling thoughts in my head just drained. I had but one little desire... French doors.

I hopped online, wondering if I could even afford to make it happen. As usual, bone stock Andersons were up in the over-$2,000 range. But Lowes had 6' steel doors, primed for paint, and complete with those cool between-the-glass blinds for only $498. Totally in my price range. Add a screen for just $88 more.

I allowed myself to dream for just a minute... of a beautiful farmer's porch in spring. Opening the French doors and feeling the sun on my face as I brought out a glass of ice tea to enjoy on a comfy patio set....

And I felt really excited for the first time in weeks.


Rebe said...

Imagine the return on your $500 investment! Not only will the house value increase, you will have better fresh air flow, more sunlight, and that "outside room" feel. My folks have french doors that open to an attached greenhouse (nothing fancy) and they get solar heat during the winter. Your farmers porch won't do the same for you, but I can see you pulling a comfy chair out the french doors, sipping sweet drinks, and just enjoying a moment of peace.

kitrainia said...

Totally! I went yesterday to look at them again, although we couldn't buy them because it was raining - and we can't buy until we're ready to install because we have no way of getting a 6ft set of doors into the house with our current, normal size doors.