Are We There Yet?

It's time. Time to get back to work. And boy is that upstairs just screaming to be finished. We were sooo close before collapsing 500 yards from the finish line. So close I bet we could finish the entire thing in a weekend... we should have just a marathon Saturday and try to beat the clock - how fast can we finish the upstairs? Starting gun goes off at 7am - and we've got to be done by midnight.... that would be so cool. Mike probably wouldn't think so though, with me being less than 1/2 as helpful as I could normally be.

But really - to finish finish everything, there's only a few things left:

Install office trim (which has already been cut and stained - it's in the basement and ready to go)
Re-install 2 bedroom windows (they're crooked because of the house lift)
Install window trim on 4 windows (needs to be bought, cut and stained)
Eyeball trim for 2 recessed lights (takes two seconds)
Closet doors & trim for two closets (need to be bought & stained)
Trim & doors for 2 attic holes (need to be bought & stained)
Office railing (bought and installed)
Office ceiling fan

So minus the fact that everything needs to be stained - it's all totally dooable. Wow, I just mis-spelled Dooable. Sweet.

The cost for all this is another story - but I would guess about $300. The eyeballs are $25 each, the closet doors are probably at least $100 a set, so that's $250 there.... Hmmm, maybe more like $400. We have some trim in stock already. We'll see. It's a small price to pay to call the upstairs "done."

100% done. No "except for's." I get all giddy just thinking about it.

That's it - I'm going to try for it. Maybe if we can do just a little bit each day this week it could be done by Sat.....