Another Inturruption

How often has this happened to you - you're trying like hell to get work done around the house and everyone in the world keeps butting in on you and you can't get a thing done.

Let me tell you about my yesterday, and how absolutely frustrated Mike and I were. First off, we had to do a scrap metal run in the morning, which I knew would hold us up until about noon. And of course we hit traffic and didn't get home till about 12:30. But the second we got home, a guy stopped by to look at our boat, which is for sale on the front lawn. And he held up Mike until about 1:30.

At that time we were pretty hungry, having skipped breakfast, so we had lunch. Then we made our list for home depot and were really eager to get going. We were literally sitting in the truck when another guy stopped by about the boat. Once that guy left, we headed out. But 5 minutes on the way to the depot and a guy called about the boat - wanted to trade us for a truck and wouldn't take no for an answer, no matter how many times Mike said he wanted cash. So he was stuck on the phone with him allll the way to the store.

In the store, Mike got a call from his friend, who wanted to stop by our house. Leaving me to hobble down the aisles while he was yapping away.

We managed to get everything and get out of there. But once we got home, another person stopped by about the boat. Then, once he left and we were working, our neighbor called and wanted to invite us over for dinner. And then that guy with the truck called again, begging for Mike to just "look at it" before he said no.

Mike was so frustrated, he said fine. At this point it was around 6pm. We had cut a bunch of trim pieces and were ready to start staining.

And then the guy with the truck stopped by - Mike had to talk to him for a while, look at this stupid truck, and then finally sent him packing. And then our neighbor stopped by, just as we started staining. Which was ok, because he was just watching us and talking to us.

But then Mike's friend came by - drunk as a skunk and twice as annoying. We finished staining as fast as we could and I retreated back into the house. Mike now had to make a beer run and take care of his friend. And then our neighbor's son came over to hang with the guys. Then they went up to our neighbor's house for dinner. I stayed home - I was tired and annoyed.

It was the most impossible day ever! But at least we got most of the trim cut and first coated. Amazing that we got anything accomplished!