Fresh Flip

Well, I got the samples on Saturday. And let me just say that neither the web pics or the catalog pics were accurate. Mike and I weren't "thrilled and excited" about any one of the colors.

And at first I think we were both convinced that we could "live with" the oak color. But the more I thought about it and stared at the samples, the more I thought, "Why should we spend all this money on something we don't absolutely LOVE?"

Plus, I had apprehensions about the whole laminate thing. I know I know I know - I had decided. But now I'm un-deciding my decision. Why not spend the extra thou and a half or so? These are going to be our floors forever. Why go the cheap and easy? Everyone agrees that wood is best. So rather than be unsatisfied, I'd rather spend the dough and elbow grease.

I know this is so completely contradictory to what I've been saying for weeks. It just took some samples to really get me thinking about it.

So now our plan is to stain a small piece of trim and bring it to the LL store. We'll compare it to the hardwoods on display and choose one that way. (After tax returns come back, of course.) Hopefully if they have all our sq ftg in stock, we can bring everything home that very day.