Choices Choices

Well - I'm confident that we want the Nirvana V3 line of laminate from Lumber Liquidators. No glue, no nails, 25yr warranty, soundproofing underlayment already attached - very cool.

So I ordered up some samples - you get 3 for $10 and they give you a coupon for $10 off your next order... so you end up getting your samples for free. (Did I mention free shipping too? Super awesome.)

Although I'm pretty sure that I want this line of laminate, but I'm not sure about colors - so I ordered three different colors. I'll show you them.

Option #1 is a mahogany color - which I love at first glance. But Mike is worried that it's too dark.

Option #2 is oak, and although it's a little browner than I'd like, the grain looks really cool and dimensional. It'll be a good comparison and middle of the road-type choice option.

Option #3 looks too light and too brown on the web - but in the catolog, it's the color Mike and I agreed upon. (This is the reason for samples guys: internet and catalog do not do a floor justice.) This is the cherry sample and we're hoping it will be the best match for our trim color.

I'm so excited! I can't wait for the samples to arrive. In fact, I think I'll my tracking # now.... *checking checking*

Ok, the samples are scheduled to arrive tomorrow - right now they're in:


Eeeee! Our tax returns are scheduled to be sent out 2/23. So definately by then we'll have decided on a color, measured our square footage, and perhaps nailed down some 3/4 ply downstairs to further firm up the currently bouncy floor.

So what do you guys think?