Finishing Finish Work

It's been nearly a month. The contracts are signed, the deposit is made, the forms are filled out. There's no stopping the fast train to solar.

I emailed just yesterday to check on the status of the project... and we're waiting on final approval of our first rebate. It could be tomorrow, it could be a couple weeks, I was told. After that, we'll be notified and probably scheduled.

In the mean time, we're laying low. That's right... we're not starting anything huge. Mike hopes to wrap up the skid steere before we get our first snow. I have a small to-do list that I'd like us to start pecking away at after that's done. I see this down time as an opportunity to finish off some of that little finish work that we've never finished.

For example, last weekend Mike found the screws to the doorbell buttons in the garage and finally screwed those in. How many years have they been just loose next to the doors now?

Then there's window bottoms - I think we have at least 4 windows that are trimmed out... but we neglected to purchase and install the bottom piece. Oversight.

And what about the mudroom bead board/chair rail? We have a ton of bead board in the basement. We used to have similar bead board up in the mudroom, but then had to take it down when the house was lifted... and it got moldy and ruined. That was 8 years ago or so... and we haven't replaced it yet.

What about the basement closet doors that are still unstained?

What about our bedroom closet that is not trimmed out?

The attic crawl space, which has no doors. We had to stuff a box and some pillows in there to keep the cats out.

I could go on for days. Just let me walk around and I'll find a slew of other items.

Oh, and the fact that there's no threshold between the kitchen and living room?

Baseboard heater end caps?! Anyone?! I doubt that'll ever get done. We've tried again and again to find ones that fit without luck.

Did I mention we have a hot water tank downstairs that is as of yet uninstalled?

Ok, I'd better stop now before I get overwhelmed.


Jason said...

How did the solar project go?