Finally, Shower!

Plans changed once more... and for the second time, it's actually a good thing. (Wow, things are just falling into place all on their own - like a tetris game of all squares.) If you recall, our carpenter was supposed to be over this past weekend so that he and Mike could rip off a bunch of old siding by the chimney and re-shingle to fix an ongoing roof leak in the bathroom.

That didn't happen. He called us in the AM on Sunday and reminded us of incoming inclement weather. (Not to mention the wind gusts up to 50mph.) Not the best time to try and replace anything exterior.

Ok - we'll take this opportunity to PURCHASE THE SHOWER! Can you believe it? After all the back and forth, we were finally ready to purchase the thing.

Mike left me and the kids at home and picked it up himself. He got the last corner base they had in stock - and it was on clearance. (Phew! Another lucky break!) They didn't have the brushed nickle on the glass door as we originally wanted, but Mike said the aluminum was comparable - and on sale and in stock. Fine with me! No more arguments/changes in regards to the shower.

Hole in the Floor, Meet Shower Base
 First thing, Mike laid the base down in the bathroom... you wouldn't believe how tight it is to the opening door. That thing just fits. (Tense moments there for a couple minutes.) Once we knew it would work, Mike cut the hole in the floor for the drain. And then he says, "I may as well put the toilet in there..."

So Mike's bringing in the toilet and getting it out of the box and this and that and he's already to go with it... When he discovers a crack in the bowl. It needs to be returned and exchanged. And then he says, "Do you want me to go ahead and get all the stuff to actually hook up the toilet while I'm there?"

Uh - SURE!

Pack it up, put it back in the truck... Mike was off to Home Depot this time and returned within the hour with a new toilet (Saved $10 by taking it back - it was on sale this time) and all the pipe and materials to install.

That Little Thing on the Floor - That's for the Toilet
By 9pm we had a fully functional upstairs toilet. I thought to myself, "No mis-cut pipes, no leaks, no forgotten parts... Mike's plumbing sure has improved since we started on this house." I didn't mention it to him. We had many a plumbing project go awry in the early days.

So we have a toilet installed, electrical installed, shower started, window installed, walls shimmed, and floor leveled. That's pretty good. Next up, sink and shower plumbing. We definitely need to get the exterior done to fix the leak before we can even think about drywall. And then there's flooring to consider...