A Small Roof and a Window

You may remember that when we demo'd the bathroom just after Halloween, we discovered that the roof was leaking. (Yes, it's the last of the old roof on the house at this point.) No big deal. We had plenty of roofing leftover from our main house roof job several years ago - enough to do that one small section.

And just two weekends ago Timmy, our roofer/carpenter extraordinaire, came over to tackle the job. It didn't take long, just a few hours and the old roof was off and the new roof was on. Trouble was, there was no problem with that old roof. The problem, Timmy guessed, was that water was leaking through one of our bedroom windows... one of our crooked bedroom windows.

The window hadn't been installed crookedly. It had been installed straight and level in a crooked house. Then, we lifted the house to put in the basement and leveled it when it came back down on its new foundation. The once crooked house became level and the once straight window became crooked. And apparently, it had been leaking water into the downstairs bathroom ever since.

Last weekend, Mike remedied the problem by removing the window, sticking down some ice and water, and re-installing the window straight and level.

Eventually, that window will become a door when we build another bathroom atop the downstairs bathroom... and I hate to do to re-do... but at this point, that project is on major hold and we can't have water leakage for years and years.

In the past couple weeks we also had the opportunity to re-visit Lowes and their corner shower enclosures. After experiencing the ones at Home Depot, we both agreed that the Lowes options, though more costly, were much sturdier. We decided on a model, but couldn't purchase at that time since we were pressed for time and driving in a honda civic. (Let's see you fit a 36" corner shower enclosure in a honda civic!)

Purchasing at this point will most likely be after the holiday. Although we will be getting the toilet at the 'ol HD this week, along with some other needed items.

Still on the needs list - shower fixtures, flooring, and a window.

I'm thinking a different size window - maybe half the size of what we have in there now. The current window is right next to the toilet, overlooking the neighbor's house. "Hello - I'm pooping!"
I've always hated that... so you have to keep the shade down all the time... and it's super-dark. Mike wants to keep the same window hole to make things easier, but I'd rather put a smaller window up higher, using half the hole if you will, so at least nobody can see you when you're seated.

Aside from that, it's just all the building materials and plumbing materials. I doubt we're going to futz with the electrical. Maybe move some things around, but I don't see it being a huge major deal.

Watch out world - second bathroom in 2013!


Karen Burgess said...

I’m glad to know the leak didn’t cause you much trouble. You actually sounded unbothered at all. Well, what can you expect from an old roof, right? Even if you use the most durable materials, a roof would remain destructible. On the other hand, you acted with the proper sense, and knew what to do, which is excellent! ;]