Bought a Bunch of Bottoms... Say That 5 Times Fast

We ordered and received our rubber roofing for over the kitchen! And of course, as if on cue, the weather changed from near 70's to mid-50's. Oh, and it's been raining every weekend, thus delaying any possibility of installation.

This week, we've again scheduled installation for Saturday and Sunday. So far, the weather looks good. Partly cloudy, near 60. Of course, it's only Wednesday and it is New England. Anything could happen within the next few days.

What's that got to do with buying a bunch of bottoms? Well, nothing. Just had to get that roof update out of the way.

Now. On Monday I had Mike back downstairs working on basement bathroom trim. He completed the door trim, closet door trim, and window trim!

Note that this time around, nothing has been pre-stained. That's due to the difficulty of the cuts and fit of most of this trim. The doors were especially difficult, as our wall is thicker then the average door width. Mike had to create custom trim to work with the pre-hung door. Then, of course, the pocket door required more custom trim work. The windows, as you can see, are especially tight to the closet. Those were a tight squeeze. And since traditional window bottom trim is very thick, Mike decided to make custom, thin window bottom trim out of scrap side-trim pieces. It looks great - but took all day to accomplish.

Late in the day, Mike ran out of trim half way through the job and needed to hit the DeepHo for more. I jumped on the opportunity to remind him that we desperately needed bottoms throughout the house. Window bottoms.

Don't ask me why, but every time we trim windows, we forget the bottom trim piece. The large kitchen window we installed two years ago - no bottom. The mudroom windows we installed four or five years ago - no bottoms. The office windows we installed like the first year we were in the house - NO BOTTOMS! Something's seriously wrong with the two of us.

So I took this opportunity to remind Mike to buy a bunch of bottoms. And, I said, Our bedroom closet needs trim. And, the attic entrances need trim. Oh, he's so happy to have me around to remind him of such things. Because he just loves to trim stuff. But once it's done, it's done! No use waiting any more years to finish these things.

Tuesday night, Mike began the laborious task of staining everything - in place. (Hence all the painters tape.) He should begin on the doors tonight. Once those are finished, we can complete those other small trim jobs - the window bottoms, the upstairs closet, the attic entrances.

Oh, and have I mentioned our annual Halloween party? Though the day is always a big one that we look forward to, the day after is almost an even more exciting this year. The day after the Halloween party - that will be 11/4 - we will be demolishing the upstairs bathroom. With the party over and both kids already out of the house, it's the best time to grab up a hammer and whack away. I can't wait.