What's That Stuff Now?

It's Wednesday and we haven't been down in the bathroom for a wet/dry wiping of grout yet. It's all my fault this time - I've got us side-tracked for the time being on a time-sensitive bday project. No worries though, it'll hopefully be completed tonight!

Speaking of side-tracked... we're getting a delivery of material for the side driveway on Saturday! As you may not recall, we regraded the entire back yard and side driveway last spring, after terrible winter flooding in the garage. Needless to say, the pea stone that was previously in the side driveway is no more. We could not really salvage it for that use and instead, put it half-way down our backyard hillside for traction control. (It was never intended for driveway stone anyway - it was leftover from the pea stone we put in the basement in prep for the concrete floor way back in the day.)

Long story long, we've got dirt there now. And if you dig in dirt in our yard, you find broken glass, shards of metal, and other debris from trash burying days gone by. Not good for children. Plus, we park a boat and other vehicles in the side driveway. Dirt, specifically sandy sandy dirt, is not good for that either. I wanted some other sort of stone... larger then pea stone... but Mike wanted something that would compact. I caved to him this time, and agreed.

He first wanted a product made of recycled asphalt. But, as it turns out, this is not as readily available as he thought, as they're now using recycled asphalt in road applications. What is available is a product made of recycled concrete. Interesting. Supposedly compacts similarly. And it's cheap cheap cheap. The entire driveway's worth is only $120. (Now I'm feeling like I should have done it last year. Who knew?) So that's a no-brainer.

Do I have any clue what this stuff is going to look and feel like? Nope. Nervous? Sure I am. Once this material is down and compacted, it can be overlaid with stone or even paved, so nothing is set in stone. (So to speak.) I guess I'll find out on Saturday. The delivery will arrive sometime before noon and Mike will spread it with his machine when he gets home from work.

And as for the bathroom - we'll likely start back on that Thursday night and into Sunday, depending on what's going on. The old bathroom is leaking out of control - don't think we've forgotten.