The Continuation...

Friday night, the stomach bug hit me and I suffered, hard, for the next 10 or so hours. Saturday morning, I awoke in absolute agony and exhaustion. Cats meowing. Kid crying. I could barely do anything without sitting down to rest for a few minutes in between each small action. Despite my mom, who came over to let me rest for a while, it was a difficult and trying day. Mike was late coming home, buying a guitar. I was spent.

Sunday morning I felt much better, rested, and hungry. Good sign. I ate a normal breakfast. Suddenly, it was back to business as usual. Our neighbor was over around 10am and he and Mike completed the painting in the kitchen. Then, Mike was on his own. He put the window trim back on. He nailed down some plywood to match the thickness of the tile where there had previously not been tile. He was mauled by a falling cactus. (Don’t try and catch your cactus.) And Sunday ended.

The only small bit of work that remains in the kitchen is the relocation of two pipes – heat for the upstairs. It should not be a problem. Tomorrow, I’ve got to get on the phone with the kitchen guy and the production people to try and coordinate this installation. Apparently, it’s going to take longer then I imagined. I was thinking just a full day of work to get these things up and set… But maybe I’m the crazy one for thinking such a thing.

It’s been a full official week now and one of the worst I’ve had in a while. Here’s to good times ahead – I know they’re just on the horizon. Just have to get there.