Happy Post -Holiday

Happy post-holidays. I’m so glad they’re over. Have I announced on this blog that we’re expecting? Surprise! 10 weeks and absolutely exhausted. I can’t take it anymore. I was dead on the couch for over six hours yesterday, unable to sleep, unable to move. Eating mass quantities of fudge. Yes, fudge. Shut up. I’m a blimp. I know.

Mike spent most of his pre-holiday break at work downstairs. He jack hammered out a space for the evacuator and dug out the dirt around where the pipes will go. He then painstakingly carried the dirt up and outside, two 5 gallon buckets at a time. So now, minus some pvc and lumber, we’re ready for this coming Sunday.

Once all the drains are plumbed, the flooring will need to be installed, then drywall, and then all the fixtures. (Hmmm, probably some additional plumbing between flooring and drywall now that I think about it.)

We had a very lovely Christmas, despite my near complete incapacitation. The house is completely destroyed by toys and I can’t bear to organize or clean yet. Or even think about it for that matter.

My parents got us a much needed new trash shed to replace our racoon & possum (yes possum) ravaged trash hut. On Monday Mike put together the new rubbermaid model in a record setting 15mins… possibly less. And most of that was getting the dang thing out of the box! I highly recommend this shed for ease of putting-together. Then, Mike had the distinct pleasure of destroying the old hut with the skid steere. He first rammed into it, the drove over it, then picked up half of it and dropped it on itself for good measure. I had the pleasure of watching the whole thing. It was highly satisfying. It’s going to be even more satisfying to be able to safely bring out trash in the evening, or put it out Tuesday morning for pickup without having to shovel trash debris from the half the yard first.