Out of One Pool of Hot Water, Into Another of Cold Water

I’d like to report a momentous occasion… champagne at the ready? THE MG RESTORATION IS COMPLETE! Yes, this project has consumed nearly all of Mike’s free time over  the past year. His few spare moments waiting for parts were spent in complete exhausted frustration. This car has been nothing but what it was supposed to be – a simple put-together-the-pieces and hook-up-everything project. Instead, everything fought him. A million parts were needed. Work done by others was incomplete or incorrect. Mike’s own high standards frustrated him. He did many things he hates in the name of keeping things high quality and cost efficient, including all the upholstery.

Now, we just await final payment and approval from the owner. Check’s in the mail, or so we’ve been told. It was supposed to be overnighted Monday, but didn’t arrive Tuesday. It didn’t arrive Wednesday. It didn’t arrive Thursday. Nerve racking.

But despite the missing money, we have our lives together back! (Don’t forget, I’ve been practically a single mom for a year.) What a good feeling that is! Back to normal.

This weekend, I’m hoping we can move the mudroom baseboard. We won’t get many more 60 degree days now, but we’ll have one on Sunday and I’d like to put it to good use. Just bite the bullet and get it out of the way before my piano is ruined. I’m not going to run into a free piano I love more then this one.

After the heat is good to go and the money arrives – we’re starting on the bathroom. Gulp. Just got to jump into that one head first, no matter how cold the water is.