Again With the Grass

Upon talking to Mike, I discovered he never received my text and therefor, never ordered the new trash hut. Meanwhile we're still waiting on our canopy and swing things for Mikey's playset. Sometimes when you think you're walking forward, you're actually just standing around making weird leg movements. So hopefully we can iron that out in the coming weeks. (And I mean weeks because I have since spent the trash hut money.)

This weekend was so beautiful, we hardly did any work. And though for most it's a three day weekend, we were stuck with our normal weekend with me still working on Monday. However, we did do our fall grass seeding throughout the yard. Mike brought home the slice seeder and made quick work of the entire job. It took him longer to mow then it did to seed.

And that's all there is to report. We just can't move forward on much else right now. Finishing the MG project is both of our priorities. Parts willing, it will be all over in the next four weeks and we can return to our regularly scheduled lives.