Back to Normal!

Ok, so the weekend is back. Time to ask myself what's happening? Are we too sick to move? Are we rushing from one event to another? Is there some sort of holiday? Some vacation to go on? A birthday party to attend? A Minute Clinic to waste the day at?

This past weekend, the answers were surprisingly - No, we're feelin good. No events. No holidays. No vacay. No party. Nowhere to go, errands to run, nothing, naught, nada, zip, zilch, zoop. All quiet on the home front.... Weird!

So, Mike and I held our breath, fearing the next event and/or disaster, and scheduled Timmy to come over Sunday to work on the porch. Sunday morning, Mike mowed the lawn. Everything was still surprisingly normal. Timmy came over and got right to work.

He added another post to our side staircase. Then, he built a wooden form for our last step, which would be made of cement. Mike went to HomeDeep, got the concrete, mixed it, and poured it into the form. Last step - done.

Then, Timmy got to our last two railings, which had been sitting on the side of the house in their boxes since May. One full rail went up on the main part of the porch. The last of the porch rails! Half of the second rail circled the side stairway. The last of the straight rails!

The only thing that remains to be done on the side stairway is the actual angled stair railing - which we have in stock, still in the box of course. The guys ran out of time on Sunday and will have to install this one another day. Timmy also gave us a short list for the front stairway. (Sweet! I love short lists!) The next couple weeks are back to events and occasions, but since I can't afford any new materials anyway, I don't much mind.

Maybe in that time, we can find a moment or two to tackle our back hill, where mini locust trees are sprouting all over the place. We need to weed whack in a desperate way. Also, the back yard grass, though still growing well, needs fertilizer.

Upcoming in August! The porch gets done! Once it's over with, we'll strip the siding off the left side of the house, install the octagonal window, and finally use up the rest of our in-stock siding. Do or die time. Summer's hourglass is quickly filling into fall....