One Addition Please

Behold! Garage addition sans roof!

Yes - there it is. One Sunday = one addition please. And Mike's really pleased. In just a day, he purchased all the materials and built this. The opening you see is for our current frontal garage door, which will soon be moved to the rear upon purchase and installation of new frontal garage doors.

Also yet to come - or I should say, yet to come down, the giant CB antenna. (Because it would just be so backwards to build that in there, wouldn't it?) And all that scaffolding stuff should really go back where it came from too. Plus, a roof would be nice. Luckily, we probably have enough roofing leftover from the rest of the roofing job to complete a nice little roof on the addition.

And as for me, I'm dying to get an answer on the porch completion front. That way I can figure out whether to be excited or not.

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