The Last Splinter

Walking across the living room from the kitchen... doo be doo be doo.
In slipper socks.... comfy comfy comfy.
Then out of nowhere - extreme foot pain! (Great band name, Extreme Foot Pain with their new #1 smash, "Giant Splinter")

I collapsed onto the couch, put up my foot and wouldn't cha know, there was a giant jagged piece of wood sticking out of it. Yes, somehow my foot caught and pulled off a bit of the old and damaged hardwood floors, which somehow lodged into multiple layers of foot skin - through a thick and comfy slipper sock. And it was extremely painful. After removing the giant jagged piece, I had to hobble into the bathroom for the tweezers to remove the rest. Even now I have a little red dot on the bottom of my foot to show for the whole ordeal.

For me, it was the last straw.... the last splinter. These floors have to go. I'm not waiting for Mike to finish this vehicle madness anymore. He's spent more then the last two weekends trying to put his camaro back together, which, he rationalized to me, was because he needed to be able to move it in and out of the garage so he could get the truck in there to be able to work on it. Uh-huh. The motor was already in the TA - why not just.... no, no, I'm not even going to get myself started on that rant. Sometimes you just have to hold your tongue in favor of the uneasy Vehicle Peace Treaty both parties have been trying to uphold since the end of summer.

*The Vehicle Peace Treaty acknowledges that both parties have the right to own his/her selected vehicle(s) and purchase parts for said vehicle(s) using not unlimited but moderate fundage as needed for irregularly scheduled maintenance and emergency breakdowns. Both parties agree not to bitch and/or nag about the amount spent on or choice of vehicle(s) by the opposite party. An unlimited amount of time will be given to work on any and all vehicles in breakdown situations and is ineligible for matched babysitting makeup time. Work on any and all vehicles will not be considered free time and therefore is ineligible for guilt trips. Both parties agree that each has chosen their own vehicle(s), rendering all complaining about said vehicle or the state of said vehicle or the amount of time needed to fix said vehicle null and void.

You get the idea.

So I'm breaking my own promise to myself to finish the vehicles first. And Mike, who's actually quite sick of dealing with the vehicles... not to mention the cold and snow... jumped on the idea and ran with it. Today he's going to install the last of the reinforcing beams under the living room floor. Throughout the remainder of this week, we'll move all the furniture... somewhere. Probably mostly the mudroom.

And if luck is on our side, we'll be able to complete the plywood this weekend and get started on the drywall. (Not sure at this point if Mike has remembered that we need to repair and replace some of it... and repaint. He'll remember once we move that couch and there's a big ol' warped piece of drywall starring him in the face.)

Before pics comin' atcha!

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