Updates at Last

It's been a trying week. Actually, a trying few weeks, I realize after checking the date on my last post. Depressing. I haven't even been able to update. Even now I have to hurry.

So before I run out of time - the door is in and beautiful. It lets in a lot of light, as we were hoping and will go brilliantly with the iron balusters... whenever we get around to installing those.

Door from Inside

Door From Outside (As of yet untrimmed.)

Mike was able to work on the siding last monday and nearly completed half of the front. He would have been able to do more, but had to start again after making a little mistake in the measurements about halfway through. So far, it looks awesome. And from what Mike told me, he's barely made a dent in the amount of siding we purchased... so we may have made a miscalculation in our favor.


I can't tell you when we're going to be able to finish. I can barely finish a sentence these days.

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Ashley said...

That door is gorgeous, I love it!
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